ADORES Kameido

ADORES Kameido

Free 1000 Yen Worth of Crane Game Plays 




ADORES Kameido Store looks forward to welcoming new customers and providing enjoyable experiences. 

Feel free to enjoy our popular crane games.


* Please inform the staff that you are using the 'NIPPON PASS'. 

* Available for ages 3 and above. 
* Each person is entitled to 1000 yen worth of crane game plays. 
* The number of visitors and NIPPON PASS users should match. 
* No admission after 10:00 p.m. for guests under 18 years old. 


Using the same facility twice on the same day is not allowed.


Please check the official website.

Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
10 am ~ 11:45 pm


5-2-6, Kameido, Koto Ku, Tokyo