Gamoyon Art Labo

Gamoyon Art Labo

Creating Ring Notebooks with Risograph Printing 




This is a new facility that opened 2023! 

~ Enjoy 'craftsmanship' with paper and printing ~ 

A paper wholesale company in Gamou Osaka, has created a creative space where you can play with art using paper. 

They hope to help people learn more about the various types of paper in the world. 

You can enjoy the process of creating at a leisurely pace using the digital stencil printing machine 'Risograph,' known for its analog feel and warm finish, and 'silkscreen' that anyone can easily use.


* Due to the process of trimming the printed text to notebook size, children under 2 years old cannot participate. 
* For children aged 3 and above, please have the guardian watch closely and supervise the experience. 

[Notes on Booking] 
Please make sure to book through the gamoyon Art labo official website before visiting. 

When making a booking, please input 'NIPPON PASS Usage' and 'Number of people' in the remarks section. 

[Booking Procedure] 
1. Please go to booking site ‘Risograph’ 

2. Select 'Creating Ring Notebooks with Risograph' 

3. Choose the date and time 
    When making a booking, select the number of users as 1. 

4. Input the required information and [NIPPON PASS] and [Number of people] in the remarks section. 
    The maximum number of people experiencing is up to 4 individuals. 
    On the day, please inform the staff that it is a NIPPON PASS booking. 

[Other Notes] 
* Cancellation on the day is not allowed. 
* Creating Notebooks with Risograph,' popular for its retro printing, is free to experience with NIPPON PASS usage. 
* The ink used in printing cannot be removed if it gets on clothing. 
   Please come in attire that can get dirty (aprons will be provided).


Popular for Retro Printing! 
Create Your Original Ring Notebook with Risograph Printing!! 
☆ From printing to processing, you can enjoy creating your very own original ring notebook ☆ 


  1. Choose the size of the notebook, design elements such as ruled lines and illustrations for the main text. 
    * You can also create original illustrations to be printed in the main text of the notebook, in which case, please draw them by hand. 
  2. Choose your preferred paper (up to 5 selections) 
    * We offer various types of paper with different textures that you can use for the main text of the notebook. 
  3. Select the ink to be used. 
  4. Print with Risograph 
    * Our staff will handle this. Printing will be done for each individual, so there might be a wait if there are many people. 
  5. Trim the printed text to notebook size. 
  6. Punch holes through the notebook with a ring binding machine. 
  7. Thread the rings and fasten them using the binding machine to complete! 

This course allows you to experience creating a ring notebook from start to finish by yourself. 
It is recommended for those who love stationery and anyone interested in creating something!

Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
10 am ~ 7 pm


4-1-2, Imafuku Nishi, Jyoto Ku, Osaka City, Osaka