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PYON PYON Minami-Sunamachi Store offers plenty of physical activity and fun! 

【Large air trampoline】 
Walking, running, crawling, turning around, and various other activities can be tried on the "Nagai Pyon Pyon". 
"Kyu~b~zu" where you can move back and forth between two rooms while enjoying the fluffy feeling. 
Let's have fun with the two types of large air trampolines. 

【Guruguru (circles) Wheel】 
A Cyberwheel that helps develop a sense of balance. 
Not only you can walk and crawl inside, but also play with it from the outside. 
You can experience 360-degree rolling, which is something you don't get to experience very often. 
For small children, just pushing the wheel from the outside will give them a great sense of accomplishment! 

【Ball Pool】 
A sea of tens of thousands of balls. 
Enjoy the feel of the balls. There is a big pirate ship inside. Let's try sliding and climbing ladders! 

There is also a special space for babies up to 2 years old, where you can play with toys and play with about 10 kinds of games for free. 

Come and enjoy!



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Opening hours

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Weekdays: 10 am ~ 8 pm (Last admission 7:30 pm) Weekends and holidays: 10 am ~ 9 pm (Last admission 8:30 pm)


Minamisunamachi Shopping Center SUNAMO, 3-4-31 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo