Mama with Park Zoo Adventure LaLaport Izumi

Mama with Park Zoo Adventure LaLaport Izumi

Free: 40 Minutes of Usage




This café features an adorable playground designed with a zoo theme for children's enjoyment. 
The playground is suitable for children up to 130cm in height or up to 9 years old. 

Adjacent to the café space where moms and dads can relax, you'll find a plethora of large play equipment that's sure to delight the kids, including a ball pit, slides, tunnels, and more! 
While parents enjoy a leisurely cup of tea, children can play freely in an environment reminiscent of a zoo. 
We also provide nursing rooms and diaper-changing facilities, making it a family-friendly facility.


** Bookings are required for this facility from the age of 0. 
Children 3 years old and older who do not need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter the facility must also make a booking together with them.
If there is any discrepancy between the number of children and the age of the person making the booking at the time of admission, the booking may be denied. 

* Children allowed entry are up to 130cm in height or up to the 9 years old. 
* Children under 3 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older). 
* Adults enter for free. * While children are using the facilities, parents should supervise them inside the premises. 
* We kindly request temperature checks, alcohol disinfection, and mask wearing before entering. 
* Eating and drinking inside the playground area are prohibited. 
* Please refrain from bringing valuables. 
* There are no restroom inside the playground. Please ensure your child uses it before entering. 
* Our establishment is not a childcare facility. 
* Our staff is here to ensure a safe play environment for children, but the safety of your child is the responsibility of the parents. 
* Entrusting the safety of your child to other customers within our facility is prohibited. 
* Although we prioritize safety in our equipment, please be cautious as certain ways of playing may pose risks. 
* Running inside the playground is not allowed due to the risk of falling. 
* Please follow staff instructions for your safety. Failure to comply may result in refusal of entry. 
* We are not liable for accidents or customer disputes within the facility. 
* Pets are not allowed. 
* We cannot be held responsible for the loss of customer belongings. 
* During busy times, we may ask you to wait for entry to ensure safety.


Please check the official website.

Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
【Playground Area】10 am ~ 6:30 pm (L.A. 6 pm)  【Café】10 am ~ 8 pm (L.O. 7:30 pm)


4-4-7 Ayumino, Izumi City, Osaka