Ayu (Sweetfish) Park

Ayu (Sweetfish) Park

Free Fish Catching  (1 fish per person)




At "Kawa no Ie" (House by the River), enjoy "Fish Catching" and "Rainbow Trout Fishing." 
"Ayu Park" is great for "River Play"! 

The stream flowing through the park has controlled water levels, making it a safe place for even young children to play in the river. 
There are plenty of crayfish, stream crabs, and small fish in the area. 
Feel free to take them home if you can care for them! 

[Kawa no Ie] 
Fish Catching: 
Release purchased fish into a designated stream section and catch them. 
* The fishing season for "Fish Catching" is from late April to early October. 

Trout Fishing: 
Fish for rainbow trout in a large round pond. 
The fishing season for "Trout Fishing" is in two periods: April to end of June and end of September to end of October. 

"Fish Catching" is eligible for NIPPON PASS. For an additional ¥200, the fish you catch can be grilled with salt. 
Freshly caught "Fish Catching" fish, simply grilled with salt, is delicious! 

Enjoy a hands-free barbecue at the popular riverside area! 
* Barbecue is not eligible for NIPPON PASS. 
   Please check the official website for details. 

The types of fish available for "Fish Catching" vary by season: 
Summer: Sweetfish (Ayu) 
Spring/Fall: Rainbow Trout 

The "Trout Fishing" area is a fishing pond where even young children can easily catch fish. 
Please pay separately on-site as "Trout Fishing" is not eligible for NIPPON PASS. 

For ¥2,600 per rod, you can catch up to 4 rainbow trout. 
We provide fishing equipment (rod, bucket, net) and bait, so you can come empty-handed.


* For an additional fee, if you would like to have the fish you catch grilled with salt or if you wish to add more fishing, please inform the reception directly. 

* For those wishing to catch a second fish or non-NIPPON PASS members participating in the fish catching, please pay the additional fee on-site. 

* "Hands-free BBQ" and "DAYCAMP" to enjoy with meat and vegetables are not eligible for NIPPON PASS. Please check the official website for bookings.


Please check the official website.

Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
9 am ~ 5 pm (L.A. 4 pm)


582 Kabo, Oya-cho, Yabu City, Hyogo