What is

Welcome to Japan

Thank you for choosing Japan as your destination. We hope your trip to Japan will be a wonderful one.

Our NIPPON PASS is a fascinating pre-paid service that allows you to enjoy all the leisure facilities throughout Japan in one site. We know that you may be thinking, “Japan is a fascinating place to visit, but it can be inconvenient sometimes” “I wish I could enjoy more of Japan!” “How do I find the unknown spots?” We are aware that many experienced travelers have expressed these opinions. Is there anything we can do for visitors? We wish visitors to enjoy getting to know Japan more conveniently and enjoyably. Is there any way to reduce their stress during their stay?
This service was launched with this thought in mind.
・Facilities that were not hit by preliminary searches ・Facilities that are not likely to be enjoyable unless you can speak Japanese ・Facilities with uncertain age restrictions ・Facilities where the booking method is only in Japanese ・Is it safe to bring children? etc...
By using NIPPON PASS, you can sweep away such concerns and you can spend your spare time in a meaningful way. Also, you can encounter facilities that you have never seen before. We would be more than happy to help your visit to Japan more convenient and memorable with NIPPON PASS and to help you feel that Japan is your second home.

To enjoy Japan more! NIPPON PASS Wishes

1. Feel the four seasons of Japan!

Japan has four seasons as you know. Blooming flowers, trees changing colors, also vegetables, fruits, and seafood displayed in the stores impress you. Local events, such as Cherry blossom viewing, Fireworks, Summer festivals, Autumn foliage, and Snow festivals can also be enjoyed in each season. Even in the mid of the city, if you look around carefully, you will find Japanese nature and seasonal things everywhere. It would be our great pleasure if you could feel each season and changes during your stay.

2. Respect each other’s culture!

We respect your culture. We hope that you will also respect our culture. Let’s high esteem each other and enjoy cultural differences together.

3. Communicate with one of us!

Japanese people are shy, but once you get to know them, they are kind and friendly. Please feel free to say “Hello!” or “KON NICHI WA” (Hello inJapanese). We hope your interaction with one of us will be the most precious memories of your trip to Japan.