Norikura Highlands "Yukemurikan"

Norikura Highlands "Yukemurikan"

Free Admission to Hot Springs




The Yukemurikan at Norikura Highlands Onsen underwent a renewal in the Heisei 25th year, maintaining its milky-white waters while providing an open and bright atmosphere with panoramic views of Mount Norikura in both indoor and outdoor baths. 

The hot spring water at Yukemurikan naturally flows from the Ootoi Silver Mine, which was developed by Takeda Shingen. 

It is said that Shingen himself used to relax and soothe his fatigue in these waters during the early days of its discovery, and to this day, the source continues to offer solace to those who visit. 

Along with rejuvenating your body and soul, immerse yourself in the aura of Takeda Shingen.


【Tattoo rule】
  None in particular 

【Indications by Spring Type】
・Cuts and abrasions ・Burns ・Chronic skin conditions ・Chronic gynecological conditions 
・Diabetes ・Hypertension ・Arteriosclerosis 

【General Indications for Healing Springs】
 ・Neuralgia ・Muscle pain ・Joint pain ・Frozen shoulder ・Motor paralysis ・Stiffness in the joints ・Bruises ・Sprains ・Chronic digestive diseases ・Hemorrhoids ・Poor circulation ・Post-illness recovery ・Fatigue recovery ・

【General health improvement Common Contraindications for Healing Springs】
 Acute illnesses (especially with a fever) 
・Active tuberculosis ・Malignant tumors ・Severe heart conditions ・Respiratory failure ・Renal failure ・Hemorrhagic diseases ・Severe anemia ・Other progressive diseases ・During pregnancy (especially in the early and late stages) 

【Contraindications by Spring Type】
・Individuals with hypersensitive skin or mucous membranes (especially those with photosensitivity) ・Elderly individuals with dry skin 

【Spring Type】
・Simple sulfur hot spring [Sulfide type] 

* Bookings for NIPPON PASS are not required for children under 2 years old.


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Opening hours

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10 am ~ 8:30 pm  (Last admission: 8 pm)


4306-4 Azumi Suzuran, Matsumoto City, Nagano