Free Admission
 (incl. towel and indoor clothes)




SPA & HOTEL Maihama EURASIA stands in a luxurious location, just 20 mins by train from Tokyo, with views of the expansive ocean, cityscape, and theme parks from the train window. 

Guests can relax in a natural hot spring spa with one of Kanto's largest free-flowing hot-spring water sources, which splash out from 1,700m below the ground. 

The spa offers 22 types of bathing facilities, including a variety of saunas such as the "Kero Sauna" made of kero wood, which is called "Jewel of wood," open-air baths, and attraction baths. 

There is also a restaurant and a place to take a nap, so you can spend a healing time throughout the day.

Separate bathing areas are provided for gents and ladys.


【Tattoo rules】 
The maximum size of a tattoo must be covered by 2 stickers. 
Those who have tattoos larger than the above size or using other stickers (Not designated ones) will not be allowed to bathe. 

Cover stickers designated by the facility are available at the Spa counter on the 4th floor. 
Size : 10 x 15cm 
Price : 220 yen (tax incl.) per sticker

【Notes: Bathing Manners】 
*Please be sure to check the below 7 points when using the facilities! 
1. Take off your underwear when entering the bath area. 
2. Wash your body well before getting into the bathtub. 
    (Take a shower on the stool, not standing). 
3. Tie up long hair with an elastic band or put on a shower cap, before going into a bathtub. 
4. Do not soak towels in the bathtub. 
5. Do not run or swim in the bathhouse. 
6. Videotaping, photographing, and washing clothes are prohibited. 
7. Please towel dry your body when you go up to the changing rooms. 

* Booking slots are limited. 
* Admission fee (incl. towel and indoor clothes) is free. 
* Children in diapers are not allowed to bathe. 
* Changes in operating hours and maintenance information will be posted on the official website. 

* Bookings for NIPPON PASS are not required for children 3 years old or under.


Please check the official website.

Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
11 am - 9 am (Last admission 8 am) * No bathing from 2 - 5 am


13-20 Chidori, Urayasu City, Chiba