Nukumori no Yu Abira

Nukumori no Yu Abira

Free Admission 




Nukumori no Yu is one of the few bathhouses in Hokkaido with a mist sauna, which can be enjoyed safely by everyone from children to the elderly. The bathrooms are coordinated with Japanese and Western-style rooms, and the washing areas are spacious. The men's and women's baths are switched at regular intervals. Relax and refresh your body and soul by taking a leisurely soak in the hot water.


【Tattoo rules】 None in particular 

Each month there are various events, double stamp days, daily herb baths, and a schedule that switches between Japanese and Western baths. 

Please be sure to check the official website's business hours and calendar before visiting. 

Monthly business information:  

*Updated monthly The monthly business calendar of Nukumori-no-yu (PDF) is attached to the monthly business information above. 

* Bookings for NIPPON PASS are not required for children under 3 years old.


Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
11 am - 10 pm  Closed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (or the following day if the day is a national holiday) *The hours may differ from above. Please check the official website.


1-40, Oiwake Chuo, Abira-cho, Hokkaido