Hapipi Land Furukawa

Hapipi Land Furukawa

Free Admission
Weekday use: unlimited 
Weekends, holiday, school holiday use: 60 min.




Hapipi Land Furukawa is an amusement facility that includes the largest kids' park in the area. Children can play safely even on rainy or snowy days. 

The park is equipped with air trampolines, jungle gyms, and other playground equipment made of soft materials that are designed with children's safety in mind. 
This is a great place for children to get some exercise. 

In addition to the park, there are also UFO catchers, rides, and more. 

Regular events are also held during the summer and winter holidays.


Please check the official website.


Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
10 am - 8 pm


The Daiso Ion Town Furukawa, 15 Tsutsuba Ura, Furukawa Sawada, Osaki City, Miyagi