Aqupa Create Munakata

Aqupa Create Munakata

Kids Park 60min + Trampoline Park 30min Free




Acupa Kurieito Munakata has not only trampolines but also an area where you can enjoy jumping and dunking, bouldering & sponge pools! 
The kids' park features popular net play equipment as well as big-size block play! 

Sponge Pool and Bouldering are currently closed due to infection control measures. 


* 60min in the Kids Park + 30min in the Trampoline Park are applicable. 
* Extension fee will be charged when the time is over.
* Booking slots are limited. 
* Please be sure to check the official website for business days. 
* Depending on how crowded the facility is, there is a possibility that you may be asked to wait on-site before entering. Please understand this in advance. 

* Children 7 years old or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 years old or older.


Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
【Trampoline Park】Weekdays : 1 pm - 7 pm Weekends & Holidays : 10 am - 8 pm 【Kids Park】Weekdays : 1 pm - 6 pm Weekends & Holidays : 10 am - 6 pm * Last admission 30min. before each visit.


1-7-1 Create, Munakata City, Fukuoka