Big-Echo Kanda Jinbocho Suzuran Dori

Big-Echo Kanda Jinbocho Suzuran Dori

Free 2-hours room charge




Karaoke Big Echo Kanda Jimbocho Suzuran Dori Store is located at the entrance of Suzuran Street, heading towards Kanda, after exiting Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Station A7 exit and walking along Yasukuni Street. 

It's a karaoke establishment where you can also use facilities such as projector rooms and complimentary Blu-ray/DVD players. 

We have introduced numerous state-of-the-art models from DAM in each room, striving for the ultimate sound experience. 

It can be utilized for various occasions such as solo karaoke, after-parties, teleworking, and parties. 

We look forward to your visit.


* With NIPPON PASS! usage, the room fee for 2 hours will be free. 
* Separate one-drink charges will apply. 
* Food and drink charges, as well as extension fees, will incur additional costs. 
* Please note that you may need to wait when the rooms are full. 
* Booking slots are limited. 
* Be sure to check the official website for our business hours before visiting.


Please check the official website.

Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
Noon ~ 5 am  (Sun & Holiday: 11 am ~ 11 pm)


1-21-5, Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo