Ittoen Museum "Kosoin"

Ittoen Museum "Kosoin"

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The Ittoen Museum "Kosoin" collects, preserves, and exhibits materials related to the life of Nishida Tenko and the footsteps of Ittoen, as well as related artworks. 

The main exhibited works include ink traces of Nishida Tenko, ceramics by Kanjiro Kawai, woodcuts by Shikō Munakata (Ten Great Disciples of Buddha), sculptures by Seibo Kitamura (original image of Peace Prayer), calligraphy and paintings, materials related to Hyakuzo Kurata and Hosai Ozaki, a donated statue of Mary by Saint Corbe, and a Charkha (spinning wheel) originated from Mahatma Gandhi. 

In spring, you can also enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms, and in autumn, the colorful foliage of the garden.


* Bookings for NIPPON PASS are not required for children under 12 years old.


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Opening hours

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10 am ~ 5 pm (L.A. 4:30 pm)


8 Shinomiya Yanagiyamacho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto