Sakai Risho no Mori

Sakai Risho no Mori

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"Sakai Risho no Mori" is a cultural tourism facility that promotes Sakai's unique history and culture based on the theme of Sen no Rikyu and Yosano Akiko, two historical characters associated with Sakai. 

Why don't you visit Rikyu and Azuchi-Momoyama period Sakai, Yosano Akiko and Meiji-Taisho period Sakai? And experience the history and culture of Sakai from the "Sakai Risho no Mori" museum, which offers a tour of the attractive Sakai city. 

The museum also offers a variety of participatory content, such as "Time Trip Sakai" a VR experience that allows visitors to view 3D images of the medieval moat encircling the city of Sakai, "Ryuurei teicya" where visitors can casually enjoy green tea and Japanese sweets in a chair, and "Teahouse Otemae Experience" where visitors learn the etiquette of tea ceremony in an authentic tea room. 

The "Sakai Enishi-An" goods store, which offers a variety of Sakai souvenirs, such as delicious Sakai sweets, tea, incense, and Chusen, is also available.


VR "Time Trip Sakai" 

Ryuurei teicya, and Otemae experience 

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Opening hours

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9 am - 6 pm (Last admission 5:30 pm)


2-1-1 Shukuin-cho Nishi, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka