Spa Metsa Ootaka "Ryusenji no Yu"

Spa Metsa Ootaka "Ryusenji no Yu"

Weekday Bathing Fee Free
Weekends and Holidays: 3-Hour Course Free




Spa Mezza Ootaka Ryusenji no Yu offers a selection of 15 charming baths, including high-quality natural hot springs and five carbonated baths. 
In our spacious bathing area, you can relax and stretch out to your heart's content. 

We have three unique saunas for your enjoyment. 
The "Dragon Sauna" features five stoves and offers an automatic Aufguss experience every 10 minutes. 
The highlight is the "Dragon Aufguss," a spectacle where all five stoves start simultaneously every hour on the hour, and it's truly impressive. 

Furthermore, we have three cold baths with variations in temperature and depth, including a 157cm deep bath and a single-digit temperature bath.

 We also offer Japan's largest relaxation space, providing you with an exceptional sauna experience.


【Tattoo rules】
     Small ones covered up with two stickers are acceptable. 
     Stickers available for sale: 14×9.5cm 200 yen 

* For usage exceeding 3 hours on weekends and holidays, additional charges will apply. 
* On specific dates, there may be no available booking slots for Nippon Pass. Please understand in advance. 
* Outside food and drinks are not allowed within the premises. 
* Only those 6 years old or below are not allowed for use a bathing and the rock bath "Metsa Nelio." 
* Mixed-gender bathing for individuals over 120cm in height or 6 years old and above is prohibited. 
* Individuals with tattoos or body art (including stickers) are not allowed. However, if your tattoo can be covered with only two stickers designated by the facility, you can use the facility after applying them. Please purchase these stickers at the front desk. 
* Individuals who are excessively intoxicated or accompanied by pets are not allowed. 
* Disruptive behavior towards other customers, including loud noise, will result in immediate expulsion. 

** Bookings for NIPPON PASS are not required for children under 5 years old.


Please check the official website.

Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
6 am ~ 2 am (L. A 1:30 am)


1-15-1 Ootakanomori Nishi, Nagareyama City, Chiba