UWS Aquarium GA☆KYO

UWS Aquarium GA☆KYO

Free Admission




UWS AQUARIUM GA☆KYO is a new style aquarium that can be constructed in existing commercial facilities, expressing Japan's "elegance (miyabi)" through the theme of aquariums. 

It remixes Japanese traditions and legends such as Ryuuguujo (Dragon Palace), kaleidoscopes, and courtesan processions, and is the ultimate entertainment aquarium produced by Earth Creator GA☆KYO.


* Business hours may differ from Aqua City Odaiba's operating hours. 

* Inside the facility, there are areas with low light, strong light, and loud sound for dramatic effects. 
   If you are aware of any impacts on your physical or mental well-being, please refrain from entering. 

* Re-entry is not allowed. 

* There are no restrooms inside the facility, so please use them in advance. 

* Depending on the crowd inside the facility, we may request entry restrictions or staggered entry, so please understand in advance. 

* The pathways inside the facility are narrow, and there are no open spaces or plazas. 
   Please pay attention to announcements before entering. 

* Designating any location inside the facility as a gathering point obstructs the flow, so we kindly request you to refrain from doing so. 

* Bringing in food and beverages is prohibited. 

* Pickup services to the parking lot and attendants inside the facility by staff on the day are not available. 

* We kindly request your cooperation in wearing masks and undergoing temperature checks. 

* Photography is allowed inside the facility, but please refrain from using flash. 

* Parking services and other services are not applicable. 

** Bookings for NIPPON PASS are not required for children under 5 years old.


Please check the official website.

Opening hours

*Times may differ from below.
Please be sure to check the official website.
Weekdays: 11 am ~ 8 pm (L.A. 7:30 pm)  Weekends and Holidays: 11 am ~ 9 pm (L.A. 8:30 pm)


1-7-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo